Coming Symposia


Symposium 41 - Cape Town, South Africa, 27 August - 4 September 2016 


The 41st INHIGEO Symposium will be part of 35th International Geological Congress scheduled in Cape Town, South Africa.


The Second Circular is already available at   


Abstract submission will open on 1 July 2015 with Registration commencing on 1 September 2015.


A “History of Geoscience” theme is listed under a Core Topic of “Geoscience and Society” with the INHIGEO Secretary General being the designated co-ordinator.

The historical symposia suggestions under the “History of Geoscience” theme for the 41st INHIGEO conference are listed as:


1.         General contributions on the history of geology


2.         Historical studies of Gondwana


3.         Local (indigenous) understanding of geology


4.         History of fossil man investigations


5.         History of geology over the past 50 years


A field trip is being considered that caters primarily for INHIGEO members.

Otherwise a general day excursion focusing on history of geology to the “Sea Point contact” has also been planned for all Congress participants.


Critical Dates


           1 July 2015 - Opening of abstract submissions


           1 September 2015 - 'Super Early-bird' registration opens


           1 October 2015 - Third Circular released.


           31 January 2016 - Abstract submissions close.


           1 March 2016 - Fourth Circular released


           31 March 2016 - Formal notifications to authors on their abstracts


           1 May 2016 - Accommodation bookings close


           1 July 2016 - Fifth Circular released - Preliminary Programme


The conference website is   


Symposium 42- Yerevan, Armenia, 12-18 September 2017


This conference is being planned as a 50th Anniversary INHIGEO conference.

The first meeting of INHIGEO was held in Yerevan in 1967 and this conference will be held at the Armenian Academy of Sciences in Yerevan, the same venue as the 1967 meeting.

Current conference themes being considered are:

1.         50 years of INHIGEO

2.         Development of geological ideas and concepts

3.         History of geology in Armenia

4.         Ancient knowledge of stone and metals

5.         Studies of historic and prehistoric evidences of seismic and volcanic activity

6.         General contributions and biographies of famous geologists

Both mid conference and post conference field trips are being planned

For any questions please contact organising committee by e-mail at  .